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Self-archiving for outreach activities

40-word commentary: My strategic self-archiving activity and its responses are summarized. Disclosure of research-related video clips and documents in my native language is effective in attracting the attention of non-specialists and domestic readers. Then, they will follow related papers if interested.
  1. S. Todoroki: ``Pubman and imeji: Self-archiving platform for researchers' outreach activities'', 2nd eSciDoc.JP Workshop (2011).
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  2. S. Todoroki: ``Why do I self-archive my articles? Because my readers are there.'', Tokyo Women's Medical University Library Seminar No.3 (Translated) (2009).
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  3. S. Todoroki: ``A researcher's stance on open access'', SPARC Japan News Letter, 3 (2009).

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