Case study of Serendipity

40-word commentary: A practicing researcher's serendipitous experience. The two lessons learnt are: (1) have a sensible mind to grap chances throughout your research activities and (2) impress your audience and readers with your interesting work. Then heaven helps you with miraculous success.
  1. S. Todoroki: “Make the best use of your serendipity by inspiring your audience”.
    (Translated from OYO BUTURI, 78 [7] pp.668-671, 2009.).
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  2. S. Todoroki: “Chance favors the prepared mind” (2009).
    (Translated from a short essay for non-science oriented readers describing author's serendipitous research on optical fibers and the lessens learnt.).

  3. S. Todoroki: “Two serendipitous episodes -- How I embarked on fiber fuse research” (2007).
    (Translated from two articles; Electric Glass, 35, pp. 14-18, 2006 and Engineering Materials, 55 [4], pp. 97-101, 2007).
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